3 Stretches to Improve your Ankle Mobility

Do you ever experience ankle pain, instability, or stiffness? It can be frustrating when you can’t do the things you love because of ankle issues. If this sounds like you, read on – we’ll give you some tips on improving your ankle mobility.

Ankle mobility is key for activities like running, jumping, and walking. Without it, you may experience pain and discomfort. Ankle mobility is also the key to optimizing lower body movement. Unfortunately, many people have poor ankle mobility due to a sedentary lifestyle or previous ankle injuries. The good news is that you can improve your ankle mobility with some simple exercises. This blog will show you how to improve ankle mobility with three easy stretches.

  1. Lunges

Your ankles become stronger, and your balance is enhanced with lunges. Lunges come in various forms, and you might wish to start slowly and progress to harder variants. Start by performing static lunges or lunges while stationary.

a. With your toes pointed forward, place one foot in front of the other to begin. Maintain a straight back. The back of your knee should be nearly parallel to the floor.

b. Next, lift yourself a further time. Perform two sets of ten repetitions.

c. Variate your leading leg and the static lunge. Between each lunge, take three steps while alternating your leading leg.

  2. Ankle flexion (plantar)

This exercise points your toes toward your heel to strengthen your ankles using a resistance band (plantar flexion).

a. Sit on the ground with one leg comfortably on the floor and the other leg extended with the knee bent.

b. Holding both ends of the band in your hands, wrap it around the front of your foot.

c. Release the tension by carefully pointing your toes forward and then back. Three days a week, perform three sets of 10 flexes on each foot.

  3. Ankle flexion (dorsiflexion)

When you draw your toes back toward your shins, your ankle begins to dorsiflex. When you dorsiflex your foot, the shinbones contract, and the ankle joint flexes. You can also dorsiflex your foot while standing by elevating the ball of your foot off the floor while keeping your heel firmly planted.

a. With the help of a stretch band, bring your toes toward you to flex your ankle (dorsiflexion).

b. Stretch your legs in front of you as you sit down on the ground.

c. Wrap the band over one foot after fastening it around a table or chair leg.

d. Point your toes slowly upward in your direction, then slowly return to the beginning position. Three days a week, perform three sets of 10 flexes on each foot.

Ankles are a crucial part of our mobility and are often taken for granted. We hope you’ll take the time to try out these ankle stretches to improve your ankle range of motion. And as always, stay active, mobile, and injury free!