You’re fit…are you safe?


Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it‘s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending. – Rorion Gracie 

A few years ago, the niece of Ryan’s co-worker was brutally beaten and raped, thrown down a flight of stairs and left for dead in Nashville. How? She gave a light to a stranger for his cigarette. Because she’s nice, and nice people do that kind of thing. And that allowed her attacker to get close to her. On a dark, deserted bridge, in the middle of the night. She was alone and kind to a stranger. He beat her, cut her numerous times with a box cutter, raped her, threw her down the steps, and thinking she was dead, he walked away. She fought hard. If she wasn’t a fighter, she would be dead. That could have been me, it could have been you, or any one of our friends or family.

Count your 6 closest female relationships. Statistically, one of them has been the victim of a sexual assault at some time in their life, and 1 in 71 men. Is it you? Is it your wife? Your husband? Your daughter or son? Mother or father?
You almost definitely know someone who has been the victim of a violent crime. With over 1.2 million total violent crimes in the U.S. every year, your chances of becoming a victim are high. So how can you protect yourself?
A good self-defense system will teach you not just how to block or throw a punch, but also how to avoid dangerous situations entirely. The goal should always be to stop the threat before it becomes physical. So how do you do that? And what do you do if it does turn physical?
You must go from the victim to the aggressor. In our 8-week Krav Maga excursion, you’ll learn multiple types of defenses and offenses against attackers. Learning to be aware, walk confidently, and defend yourself are crucial to your safety. Your life depends on it.
This excursion is completely in line with what we teach in CrossFit. It uses functional movements as its base and teaches you how to use those movements in an advantageous way in real life situations. It is core to extremity, using your hips to generate power the same way we would perform a clean and jerk. This will be a great workout, fun, informative, and practical.
We have a guest instructor coming to teach these classes. He is a world-class instructor with years of training. He has learned from the best, and it is evident in his teachings.

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I trained with Shannon for only a short time, but even in that short time, I learned so much about being safe. I have never been one to be easily intimidated, but neither do I find it easy to be purposefully aggressive and hurt someone. That is something that has to be trained. We are good people. We don’t want to punch someone in the face repeatedly. That’s what separates us from ”bad” people. We don’t want to hurt or injure anyone. I had to get past that. And then after I got past that, I had to learn weak points, blocks, blows, instinct, how to turn instinct into a usable defense, awareness of my surroundings, and countless other lessons.

This is the only excursion that we will do that will be open to non-members. It’s that important. Our job as your coaches is to help you prepare for the unknown, and the unknowable. There’s no greater unknowable than the threat of an attack. Even if you carry a weapon, you’re not exempt. It won’t always be accessible. It won’t always be wise to pull it. You, your mind, your hands and feet, arms and legs, are your greatest defense. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

-Coach Michelle