You Need A Coach Not A Gym

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s face it: our lives have changed. The COVID-19 crisis has left nothing unscathed, including our fitness routines. Here’s the problem; never before has being healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit been so important. How do you do that with your favorite gym closed? Here’s the positive news; one of the keys to building and maintaining fitness habits is having a coach(es) and a community to support you on the journey. The magic never was in having access to a gym. The reason being in a gym is powerful is because of the relationship you build with your coach(es) and like-minded people. I have good news for you, it’s never been a better time to start working with a coach! Here are some of the benefits of working with a world-class coach.

They Save You Time

Unless you’re a fitness expert yourself, you’ll probably need to do a whole lot of research to make your own training program—especially considering how much conflicting information there is about exercise and nutrition online. Whether you’re talking about workout design or understanding the best food to eat for your body type having a coach to collaborate with will save you a lot of time.

Why waste energy when you can get a professional coach who has already done all the research for you? Just show up, tell them what your goals are, and start training.[/vc_column_text][us_message icon=”fas|star”] Are you ready to get the personalization and accountability of having your own coach?

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They Help You Build Good Habits

Working out and eating better becomes easier the more you do it. Keep at it long enough and it’ll become so natural to you that you’ll actually start feeling weird for taking days off.

The problem is that it takes practice, motivation, and success to build those habits. A world-class coach can help you map out a path to success and hold you accountable while building those habits. That way you can establish the habits that will last you a lifetime.

They Walk With You On Your Journey

The journey toward health is simple but not easy. One thing that can help on that journey is to have someone walking with you. That is the definition of a world-class coach. It’s not about having someone guilt you when you don’t work out. It’s about having someone in your life who you can count on to pick you up on those tough days. Someone to collaborate with. Someone to help you see any potential blind spots.

A world-class coach is not a guru. They are certainly not perfect. But they can help you navigate uncertain circumstances. The best coaches have their own coaches! (see a theme?)

Realize Your Fitness Goals Faster With a Coach

If you want to see lifelong results, you’ll need to take the guesswork, inconsistency, and accountability out of the equation—which is exactly what a world-class coach can help you do.

Stay Strong,

Coach Ryan[/vc_column_text][us_message icon=”fas|star”]Get the results you want faster with help from a professional coach!

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