Athlete Of The Month – October 2016 : Ben Bayless

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For the month of October, Ben Bayless is our Athlete Of The Month. Ben has been fully dedicated to our programming and even stepped up and went through our very first APP Strength cycle as well. We were just talking last week about how his strength numbers have gone way up and he was really stoked about the progress he’s made. And we agree Ben! Whole Strength is really proud of you and all you have accomplished so far. Let’s get to know Ben more with our conversation. 

1. How did you come to find out about Whole Strength CrossFit?

I live in the area and I could see the signs from the street. Then I google
searched it to check it out. 

2.What is your favorite WOD?

Probably Fran. I’ve never been so wiped out after just 7 min of work

3. Least favorite Move?

 Turkish get up, glute- ham raise and barbell rollout…. brutal

 4. Biggest accomplishment so far?

Strength gains on all major lifts and getting a bar muscle up down

5. What is your six month Goal?

To accomplish ring muscle ups, pistols and handstand walks

6. What do you enjoy most about Whole Strength CrossFit?

I love the variation of the workouts. Great coaching and community.

7. What is your Occupation?

I work for a Nashville based missions mobilization ministry called
Mobilizing Students. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and train all my
clients at the Brentwood Family YMCA on Concord Rd.

8. What is your fitness background?

I played both Football and Basketball through high school so I was very
active until I was 18. While I was in college, I never had a consistent
workout schedule until I started working at a local YMCA during my senior
year. Since then I’ve been pretty consistent in working out.

9.  How long have you been CrossFitting?

I joined the gym in May, so about five months now.

10. Thoughts after first CrossFit experience?

“I think I’m gonna be sick” (post Murph)

11. What advice would you give to a new CrossFitter?

No matter what fitness level you are at, just keep showing up at the gym everyday and
work your butt off. You will definitely see results. 

Even personal trainers can benefit from a community of diverse athletes and programming. Ben trains his own clients and then trains with our coaches so he can keep things interesting AND get stronger. Any person at any level can join our classes and see incredible results. It’s just a matter of consistency and willpower. And Whole Strength CrossFit can help you with both of those of things!

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