Athlete Of The Month – August 2016 : Ryan McNair 

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We are back again with this month’s featured athlete. Ryan came to us earlier this year and he has made some significant headway in his fitness journey in a relatively short amount of time. Here’s what he had to say about his experience so far. 

How did you come to find out about Whole Strength CrossFit?

        I live just down the street. 

What is your favorite WOD? 

I like a lot of them, but I have to say Murph… it is probably the toughest WOD, not just physically but mentally. Looking at the workout written down, it’s easy to give up before even beginning.

Least favorite Move?

     Thrusters and Wall Balls. 

Biggest accomplishment so far?

        I’ve been consistent in attendance 4 or 5 days a week since starting. There were many days I was too sore or just didn’t feel like working out but I dragged my butt into the box. 

What is your six month Goal?

        Get some solid muscle ups, consistent handstand push ups and triple unders.

What do you enjoy most about Whole Strength CrossFit?

I like that most classes are small and that everyone gets to know each other. We all cheer each other on and it’s a positive environment.

What is your Occupation? 

        Accounting and reporting for a travel management company. 

What is your fitness background? 

        RKC kettlebell and Muay Thai. 

How long have you been CrossFitting?

Since February 2016. 

Thoughts after first CrossFit experience?

I love it. It’s funny how you can be completely destroyed and sore for 2 days after a 16 minute workout. 

What advice would you give to a new CrossFitter?

        In the movie Inglorious Basterds, Brad Pitt’s character poses the question: “You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, don’t you?… You practice”. Although he’s talking about killing Nazi’s, this could translate easily to anything… especially Crossfit. Show up, do the work and be positive.

When Ryan was asked about his biggest accomplishment to date he didn’t mention what most would think. He didn’t lift a certain number of weight. He didn’t PR his 1 mile run. He noted a behavior change. A new skill of being committed to the program. In my eyes that’s more important than any number on a scale or a WOD timer. This new skill will allow him to grow and progress at a whole new level and reach goals that may not have even been made yet. It’s all about the progression. We at Whole Strength are uber stoked he chose us to help him along the way. 

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