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Gathering his thoughts before the WOD begins, Netti approaches the bar. 

Whole Strength CrossFit makes it a point to showcase their members. With our “Athlete Of The Month” feature we aim to put the spotlight on the individuals of our community that continue to excel in all ways. For the month of August, we sat down with John Netti and asked him a few questions about his experience with CrossFit and the vibe at Whole Strength. 


Can’t go without a selfie while exploring Stockholm. 


1. How did you come to find out about Whole Strength CrossFit?

• The Stempers have been friends of mine for many years. Ryan and I worked(for free)together as interns in a recording studio here in Nashville. So I guess our relationship started on the whole “bonding power of shared suffering” concept I hear people talk about in CrossFit.

2. What is your favorite WOD? 

• Cindy –  I’m not sure why but I feel like a million bucks after that workout.

3. Least favorite Move?

• the Thruster is my nemesis.

4. Biggest accomplishment so far?

• Cleaning up My diet. At the beginning of this year Whole Strength laid out a food challenge for everyone to try. This is when I started to see big gains in my endurance and strength.I stuck with clean eating and have since added at least 30% to most of my lifts if not more. I attribute all this to a diet where I am conscience of what I really need to eat and when.

5. What is your six month Goal?

• I have a few, but a major one is to improve my Fran time. As I mentioned thrusters are currently my nemesis, they just drain me.  A longer term goal is to be able to compete in the next CrossFit Open as an RX athlete.

6. What do you enjoy most about Whole StrengthCrossFit:

• We have a lot of fun. Sometimes we get distracted before or during a WOD because someone shouted out a great/hilarious t-shirt slogan. This seems to be a past time of our crew. “Just put it in the Truck!”

7. What is your Occupation? 

• I’m a Recording/Mix Engineer. I have a studio in Nashville, TN called Petti Sound.

  Netti prepares for one of many sessions in his Nashville studio. 

8. What is your fitness background? 

• I have never been an athlete and have never done any sort of physical training before CrossFit. I have been a member of a few gyms and the YMCA but was always too intimidated to ask for help. I would flounder around then never go back.


Before he joined the Whole Strength crew, Netti was active but had never committed to a program. Now he has dedicated himself to self improvement and growing our community. 

9. How long have you been CrossFitting? 

• I’ve been working out with Coach Ryan for almost 2 years now. But the Past 7 months I have really committed to coming as often as possible and doing a WOD when I am out of town or unable to come to the box. For a long time I allowed myself the excuse of work, personal plans, not enough sleep…. Making it to the box is now a daily priority. I just make it work like every other responsibility.


10. Thoughts after your first CrossFit experience?

• I had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “this is nuts” “People do this every day?!” “RX my A**” But after a few months of struggle I started to see real progress so I stuck with it. One thing I appreciated immediately was the WODs were so different every day. It was all laid out for me, I just had to show up and do the work like everyone else.


Before you critique with the “You’re ROUNDING your back!!” verbal cues, Netti knows how to engage the thoracic spine. Proper hand placement on the bar can come first. Drop those hips and prepare for the lift.  The Whole Strength coaches are the best around. Let us prove it to you!


11. What advice would you give to other Crossfitters?

Don’t play the comparison game. I have a competitive streak and it was hard right out of the gate not see other people and just think “that’ll never be me”. Take your time, learn about yourself and what you need to be healthy. The gains will come in so many forms it’s hard to describe. CrossFit has changed many things in my life outside of the box and I’m confident it can do so for anyone who shows up.


Take a deep breath… And “Put it in the truck!”


  Pausing for a moment to control his breath, Netti powers through the workout in hopes of posting the top time. 

Whole Strength CrossFit takes no exception in highlighting the ones who make our community the most rewarding and growing group out there. John is one of many members who could have been featured for their work ethic and personality. We are nothing without them. We are Whole Strength!

– Jon Harris

Media/Marketing Director

Whole Strength CrossFit

  John Netti and his wife Lori. They live in Nashville, TN and are expecting their first child in early November. We are so grateful we can be apart of their growing family. That’s the core of Whole Strength!

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