Athlete Of The Month – April 2016 : Joseph Ojibway

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I’m fairly certain one cannot be “no repped” for any reason as long as the athlete has a smile present. That’s gotta be a rule I think. 

For the month of April, we have selected Joe Ojibway for our Athlete Of The Month Feature. Joe was one of our first members to sign up after we moved into our commercial location in Nashville, TN. I specifically remember asking Coach Ryan how he did for his first class in which he responded with “… Oh yeah… He’s beast mode.” . Joe has been a great motivator in our box and he has made significant gains since becoming a member. Let’s here what he had to say in our conversation. 

1. How did you come to find out about Whole Strength CrossFit?

I live less than 2 miles away and saw their sign when they first opened.

2. What is your favorite WOD? 

The Chief

Joe and his family have always been involved in all things fitness. 

3. Least favorite Move?


4. Biggest accomplishment so far?

Ring muscle ups. 

Lunges are way cool! I always enjoy that nice glute burn afterwards. 

5. What is your six month Goal?

Improving cardiovascular endurance in order to run a sub 5:30 mile and complete my first ½ triathlon before my 30th bday on 10/10/16.


6. What do you enjoy most about Whole Strength CrossFit?

The welcoming community. I have been to other CrossFit gyms and the people/owners were pretentious and unfriendly. Whole Strength is a family operation, where members are treated as family in a fun and competitive environment.  

Bar Muscle Ups anyone! You better be as happy as Joe is!

7. What is your Occupation? 

I work as a family nurse practitioner in a primary care clinic in Antioch.  

8. What is your fitness background? 

I grew up playing sports like football, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, track, and basketball. When I went to Penn State for undergrad, I played rugby and started working as a personal trainer in the student gym. I got certified through ACE and worked for a few years as a trainer before going to nursing school. So whether it’s playing a sport, or going to the gym, I try to remain as active as possible.

The Tough Mudder is an obstacle course run that is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. And we still find dirt in unmentionable places. 

9. How long have you been CrossFitting? 

I’ve been CrossFitting consistently at Whole Strength since they opened in November, 2015. I tried CrossFit initially back in 2009, but never stuck with it until joining Whole Strength.  

10. Thoughts after first CrossFit experience?

I left the gym after my first CrossFit experience thinking I finally found a place to focus my competitive nature. As I get older, balder, slower, etc.; I recognize that I won’t always be competitive with other athletes, but CrossFit allows me to compete against myself to constantly try and improve.  

Joe Ojibway. He’s going places!

 What advice would you give to a new CrossFitter?

Consistency when it comes to health and fitness is extremely important. You may never be the fastest or strongest person in the gym, but there is never a reason to let someone beat your work ethic. Be patient as you progress through the workouts and movements. Set incremental goals to help gain confidence after you attain those goals. Have fun and trust that the person next to you is also struggling through burpees…seriously, no one likes burpees.  

The key to Joe’s success has been his unwavering commitment to bettering himself. You have to want it and be dedicated. Unlike the experience you get at the big box gyms, The athletes and coaches at Whole Strength CrossFit have given Joe accountability and that extra push for getting results you won’t find anywhere else. We are proud to have Joe as an excellent addition to our community. And we look forward to watching him continue to make progress on his journey. 


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