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Whole Strength CrossFit – CrossFit


10 Single Arm KB Swings each arm

10 KB Press each arm

10 Alternating Step-ups

10 KB Rows each arm

10 Box Jumps w. a step


Soft tissue work

30s each spot each side

– IT Bands

– Quads

– Lats


Metcon (Time)


100 KB Swing 53/35

1200 M Run (3 laps)

50 Box Jumps w. step down 24/20

25 Strict Pull-ups
20 Min Time Cap

Weightlifting Strength

3 Rounds of:

1a) BB Front Rack Lunges x 6 ea. Rest 30s

1b) Side Plank x 30s. Rest 30s

1c) DB Hammer Curls x 10. Rest 30s

Front Rack Lunge (6-6-6)

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